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“Needless to say, the wedding pictures came out absolutely gorgeous.”

“A few months before my wedding I decided it was finally time to stop letting hyperhidrosis control my life. Just thinking of all of my wedding photos with sweat stains dripping down the side of my dress made me want to cry. From the first few days of taking DermiDry I noticed a reduction in my sweating. By the time of my big day I was in complete control of my hyperhidrosis. Needless to say, the wedding pictures came out absolutely gorgeous.”
-Catherine, Boulder CO

“I can’t imagine my life without DermiDry. Gone are the days of walking around drenched in sweat”
-Pam, Charleston SC

“I recommend this to all women going through menopause.”

“Once I started going through menopause I noticed that I sweat a lot more frequently and began to get hot flashes. I had heard from other women that these were common side-effects of menopause, but I could not have imagined it would be this bad. My neighbor recommended DermiDry and ever since I started taking it, I’ve noticed a huge difference. My hot flashes are less frequent and my sweatiness has completely dried up.”
-Ashley, James Town ND

“This supplement really works!”

“I am diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and I get particularly nervous in social settings. Every time I feel anxiety coming on, it is followed by sweaty palms and feet. Ever since I started using DermiDry, I no longer get sweaty due to social anxiety. I also decreased my overall anxiousness.”
-Bill, Tennessee

“It’s been a success so far.”

“I was taking doctor prescribed Glycopyrrolate for my plantar hyperhidrosis. The medication worked but it made me dizzy and gave me bad constipation. After doing some research online I decided to give DermiDry a try. Once I made the switch my dizziness and constipation stopped and my feet remained dry! This product is awesome.”
-Natasha Williams, Pontiac MI

“Works great for hot flashes”

"I used to get hot flashes at random times during the day. One second I would be perfectly cool and calm and the next moment I would feel red hot and start dripping with sweat. DermiDry has been a key component in ending my hot flashed for good.”
-Rachel, Spokane WA

“A new lease on life”

“As a school teacher it was embarrassing going throughout everyday with huge sweat stains under my armpits. The final straw came when a student asked me during class ‘Why are you always so sweaty?’ Talk about humiliating! DermiDry came as a blessing. I can now make it through the entire day without sweating. I have a new lease on life, thank you DermiDry.”
-Karla E., San Diego CA

“I feel a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders”

“My palmar hyperhidrosis used to get so bad that I struggled to grip things in my hand. My palms got so slippery that I couldn’t keep a hold of my pencil while I was writing. After two weeks of using DermiDry I have noticed a big reduction in my sweating. I feel like a weight was lifted off of my back now that I don’t have to worry about my wet palms.”
-Jason, Saratoga FL

“Thanks for helping me avoid surgery!”

“My doctor recommended surgery or Botox treatments as a solution to my hyperhidrosis. Both options seemed too extreme; I wasn’t willing to put myself under the knife for my hyperhidrosis. I found out about DermiDry while researching hyperhidrosis treatment options. Since starting DermiDry, my sweating has reduced and I feel a lot less stressed now that I can avoid having surgery.”
-Misty, Austin TX

“I no longer sweat from nervousness.”

“Every time I would give a presentation at work I’d get nervous and start sweating all over my body. One of my co-workers turned me on to DermiDry and I no longer sweat from my nervousness. Not to mention, I love that it is all natural and has no negative side-effects.”
-John Paul, Kansa City

“DermiDry has been very effective for me. Great customer service, fast shipping and most importantly a great product.”
-Sarah Espinoza, Clovis NM

“It is like no other product on the market”

“After failed attempts at using other products to stop my excessive sweating, I was skeptical that just taking two pills a day would help. But boy was I wrong! DermiDry works better than I could have imagined. It is like no other product on the market today. After a few weeks of taking DermiDry, I am able to live my life without even the slightest concern about my hyperhidrosis.”
-Thomas, Westford MA

“I am hopeful that the good results will continue.”

“I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for many years. I have tried prescription medications but the side-effects always outweigh the overall benefit. I received DermiDry earlier this week and I have already noticed slight reductions in my perspiration. I am hopeful that the good results continue.”
-Linda Maloney, Salem OR

“Reducing my sweating without harming my body”

“I like the holistic approach DermiDry takes in treating excessive sweating. I feel great about reducing my sweating without harming my body.”
-Ellen, Monterey CA

“I really like that all the ingredients are good for my body”

“I have struggled with excessive sweating my whole life. Last week I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with Hyperhidrosis. =(
Once I got home I did 4 hours of research on the internet. When I found DermiDry, I really liked that all the ingredients are good for my body and I ordered it immediately. Now I just take two pills a day and my Hyperhidrosis has almost completely subsided. “
-David, Mississippi

“I no longer suffer from night sweats”

“Right around the time I started going through menopause I would frequently wake up at night in a cold sweat with the sheets feeling damp. This went on for weeks until my husband urged me to find a treatment. I came across DermiDry online and decided to give it a try. After a few weeks of taking the DermiDry capsules I no longer suffer from night sweats. Now I can go to sleep without the fear of waking up drenched.”
-Kaitlyn, Pittsburg PA

“I am so thankful that I came across this little known secret.”

“I have tried several other products for my Hyperhidrosis and ended up being disappointed with the result. When I came across DermiDry I had low expectations about how effective it would actually be. After one week of following the DermiDry program I knew that this product really does work. I am so thankful that I came across this little known secret.”
Matt W., Las Vegas

“The best alternative approach to Hyperhidrosis out there”

“I have noticed a huge difference in my Hyperhidrosis symptoms since taking DermiDry. I have found that I no longer sweat due to nervousness or anxiety. I highly recommend this product to those turned off by the hard drugs of western medicine.”
Scott, Menlo Park CA

“Keeps my axillary hyperhidrosis in check”

“It is hard to be a college student living with hyperhidrosis. It’s so embarrassing when I am talking with a group of friends and I look down to find out that my shirt is completely drenched in sweat. DermiDry has helped me keep my axillary hyperhidrosis in check. I owe a big thank you to DermiDry for helping get my social life back.”
Maria, Rhode Island

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